Pre-Basel: The new Cumbere Tourbillon by ArtyA

News Articles / 13/04/2016

If something can be said with certainty about Yvan Arpa, it is that it will never cease to amaze us with its avant-garde models. As with its new Cumbere Tourbillon, which comes to enrich the Son of Sound collection with the distinctive guitar-shaped case – this time, combining black PVD with ArtyOr – an alloy composed of gold and recycled bullets. Of course, it bears a sapphire crystal on both its sides, so that the user can enjoy the hand-wound skeleton movement with a flying tourbillon in all its glory, designed by Yvan Arpa and implemented by the Manufacture d’Horlogerie Contemporaine (MHC). It is distinctive for its X-shaped structure, combined with the absolute symmetry of the flying tourbillon at 6 with the large balance at 12 – offeing a generous power reserve of 100 hours. Elements that also deserve attention include its handcrafted engravings depicting skulls and bones on the front of the watch, as well as the crown in the shape of a guitar key.

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