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The Chronos Plus magazine, along with the Chronos Lady special section, is the only watch and jewelry magazine in Greece.

This luxurious publication has celebrated its tenth anniversary and its success is due to our many years of expertise in the High Watchmaking and jewelry sector. It is published in a bilingual edition (Greek and English) and in a 24X32 coffee table magazine format.

Chronos Plus is the most authentic magazine in the watch industry, embracing the essence of timekeeping with the motto: «The initiation in Time!»

It is available in newsstands throughout Greece and Cyprus, offering comprehensive and authoritative information about the watchmaking world, while additionally enhanced by www.chronosplus.gr. The site is also bilingual with a renewed profile and interactive character. Our goal is to create a newsletter for greater engagement and a stronger presence in social media.

These two different means of information, which fully complement each other without losing their autonomy, provide information beyond the restrictive limits of the word and penetrate the sanctuaries of the magical world of watchmaking.

BTH Publications (BELBA N. & Co.)
3 Riga Fereou St
15232 Chalandri
Athens, Greece
Phone: (+30) 210 6820250
email: info@chronosplus.gr

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