Volvo: First to establish a digital key

Gadgets / News / 15/04/2016

Swedish automaker Volvo has claimed the lead in the innovative technology which eliminates the use of conventional keys. At Barcelona’s recent MWC exhibition, they presented an innovative technology developed in order to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. The new application installs a digital key on its customer’s phone, authorizing it to do anything that a physical key can do, such as lock and unlock the doors, or activate the engine. The user will still be able to have more than one digital keys, in order to access different Volvo cars. The app also provides a worldwide online booking and car rental service. When arriving at his destination, the user can locate the vehicle’s position via GPS, unlock it using his smartphone and leave. The technology’s pilot run will take place in the coming months through the Sunfleet company of the Göteborg airport in Sweden. The company intends to release a limited number of cars equipped with the new technology by 2017.


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