The Victorinox Swiss Army smart accessory

Gadgets / News / 06/04/2016

In order to satisfy modern consumer demands, Victorinox Swiss Army has collaborated with Acer to create the INOX Cybertool, which can transform a conventional watch into a smartwatch. The INOX Cybertool, which in appearance is similar to a donut-shaped ring, can be attached to any model of the INOX collection. Its design allows the user to view both the watch dial and the smart bezel. It adapts to the watch like a sheath, embracing its case, while measuring 52mm across and weighing 24 grams. It is made of high density TPU (thermo-plastic Polyurethane) and is available in blue and black. As the screen is not particularly large, the notifications for calls, messages and calendar reminders are displayed through the use of 3 lights on its side. Moreover, the screen includes indications for multiple time zones, as well as chronograph and stopwatch functions. It also features an accelerometer for measuring steps and calories, through the use of the owner’s smartwatch GPS and is compatible with a variety of fitness applications. Its battery lasts for one week and it also has an LED light to facilitate legibility in low light conditions.

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