The clock-robot of MB&F for Only Watch

Events & Auctions / Gadgets / News Articles / 15/09/2015

Radical Maximilian Büsser is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the MB&F manufacture’s founding, by creating a table clock-robot, Melchior, that speaks straight to our inner child. “A creative adult is a child that survived”, is the clock’s theme, whose 100th and final piece will be auctioned at the 6th Only Watch. Designed in collaboration with designer Xin Wang, the Melchior is made of steel, palladium-coated brass, red anodized aluminum and sapphire crystal. Jumping hours and minutes are read on the twin dials placed on the robot’s chest, while the seconds in retrograde and twenty-interval indications are read on its eyes. The domed crystal on Melchior’s head reveals the clock’s movement in operation, while the left arm can be detached in order to wind the clock. The movement, which Maximilian Büsser built in collaboration with the L’Epee 1839 company, has five drums which ensure a power reserve of 40 days, the indication of which is located on the robot’s belly.

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