A robot inspired by cockroaches

Gadgets / News Articles / 12/02/2016

The completion of the CRAM robot (Compressible Robot with Articulated Mechanisms) was recently announced by researchers of the Berkeley University, led by Kaushik Jayaram, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The inspiration for its creation was the cockroach and its capability of shrinking its body in order to fit into crevices only a few millimeters wide. The robot, resembling a cockroach, has a height of 7.6 cm and a length of 18cm while weighing 46 grams. Its construction allows it to self-compress, facilitating its entry into very small cracks. Although its research is funded by the military, due to its obvious applications in the battlefield, the robot is expected to be utilized in search and rescue operations following natural disasters, explosions, etc. in order to locate survivors among the debris.

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