NEC: A new revolutionary method of identification

News Articles / 14/04/2016

In recent years, many companies have adopted fingerprint recognition technology for their devices, in an attempt to ensure the safety of their customers’ data. It turns out, however, that this method is not sufficiently reliable, as it can be hacked through the use of an inkjet printer. NEC aspires to provide a solution to this problem, announcing its latest technology, which is based on the unique manner by which sound echoes in each person’s ear canal. The shape of the ear is unique to each person, so the company has built headsets equipped with a microphone, measuring acoustics seconds after sending the sound. The accuracy rate of over 99% is certainly impressive, as is the fact that measurements are completed within a period of only one second. Although it will be awhile until the headphones are released to the market (2018), they are expected to raise the bar in the data safeguarding sector, as they allow continuous user authentication throughout the device’s use.

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