The new HYT Skull Bad Boy

News Articles / 13/04/2016

The Hydromechanical Horologists have succumbed to the charm of the dark side, enriching their Skull collection with another statement watch. This time, the familiar skull on the dial is coated with a composite material akin to damask steel. In reality, it actually consists of multiple layers of regular steel and carbon fiber, which are “folded” 256 times before being applied to the -unique every time- skull. As for the liquid flowing within the capillary tube which surrounds it, playing the role of the hour hand, this time it is black, a color that highlights -combined with the “rocking” Clous de Paris in the background- the dark personality of the watch. At 51mm, the case is made of titanium with a black DLC coating. Within, our familiar hybrid movement performs 28,800 vibrations/hour, providing a power reserve of 65 hours and with functions including hours, seconds in the skull’s left eye and an indication of the power reserve in the right. The watch is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

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