Ehang 184: The first passenger drone

Events & Auctions / Gadgets / News Articles / 09/02/2016

Presented at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, it is the first drone to allow for the transport of passengers. Its takeoff, flight and landing uses specialized sensors and computers, removing the need for rudder and flight controls, thus making the aircraft fully autonomous. So, as its passengers are not actually piloting it, there is no need for a special license in order to fly the Ehang 184, as stated by Derrick Ziongk, cofounder of Ehang -the company manufacturing it. The cabin features a single tablet through which the passengers can give the take-off command and control the cabin’s air conditioning. The innovative drone can cover distances of up to 32 kilometers, flying for 23 minutes at a speed of 101 km/hour, while rising to a maximum height of 3.505 meters. It functions using eight propellers which facilitate smooth landing in emergency situations, while Ehang also plans to create a flight control center for intervening in such cases. Its price is estimated to be between and $200,000 an $300,000.

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