A digital work of art with wall clocks

Gadgets / News / 08/11/2012

A wall clock might be an everyday object, but that does not mean it cannot be transformed into a work of art. At least that is what the Clock Clock team believes, from the Humans Since 1982, demonstrating a beautiful combination of otherwise simple wall clocks.

We initially observe the placement of 3 wall clocks in height and 8 in length (a total of 24), with each simply showing the time. The striking feature is that six clocks work together in order to form a number, so that the entire installation indicates the passing minutes.

The Clock Clock installation has been designed with the help of Australian engineer David Cox, and is available for sale in limited numbers at the Victor Hunt gallery in Brussels and the Phillips de Pury gallery in New York. The price is revealed only after contact with the creators.

Watch it in action in the video below.

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