CHANEL's wheat

Lady / News / 04/08/2016

Wheat, symbol of abundance and a vivid memory of Coco Chanel’s childhood years, inspired the French brand’s designers who created a high jewellery collection which includes 62 impressive pieces.
Following the cycle of sowing and harvesting wheat, the collection is divided into the Premiers Brins, Brins de Printemps and Brins de Diamants lines, with jewellery representing the shoots, and the Moisson Ensoleillée, Bouquet de Moisson and Moisson de Perles lines, with pieces inspired by the harvest of ripe wheat ears. The former include jewellery crafted of 18K gold and adorned with diamonds, green tourmalines, aquamarines and peridots, while the latter comprise pieces made of 18K yellow gold, bearing yellow diamonds and sapphires. The jewellery pieces were photographed by Chanel Fine Jewellery amidst a wheat plain.

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