A 007 vault for your watches

Gadgets / News Articles / 13/04/2016

Inspired by the British spy, Buben & Zörweg created a unique storage and winding box for your watches, the X-700 Extreme. The German company, which specializes in the manufacture of safes, combines modern design and absolute safety in its latest model. The walls of the column are made of high quality armored materials, weighing 50% less than the usual external walls, while being elastic in order to resist violent blows. The X-700 Extreme is equipped with the Paxos locking system, which is also utilized by Swiss banks. After entering an 8-digit code and rotating the control panel to unlock the motorized bolts, the user can then press a button in order to lift the main body which holds and winds a total of nine watches, which are illuminated through LEDs. The box also features another two sets of drawers. In case of power failure, the vault can be accessed via a special lever.

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