The high-tech books of the future

Gadgets / News Articles / 14/04/2016

Google is in the process of upgrading the experience of reading printed media, as evidenced by two new patents it has recently filed. The first patent drew its inspiration from three-dimensional children’s books, resulting in an interactive book design with integrated pressure and motion sensors on its pages. The reader experiences images and sounds that are activated when the page is turned or as pressure is placed on a specific point. This happens with the aid of augmented reality technology, which allows a small device in the book spine to project images onto it, while sounds are played through a small speaker. The second patent relates to the “Media Enhanced Pop-up Book” which does not incorporate a micro-projector, but makes use of a smartphone or tablet in order to offer additional content. For each page of the book, there is a second digital one, which enhances the experience as it opens videos and pictures on the user’s device.

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