A smartwatch by Guess

Gadgets / News Articles / 13/04/2016

The popular brand collaborated with Californian company Martian Watches for the creation of their first connected watch. Based -in terms of design- on the Rigon model, the Guess Connect has a 45mm steel case and is powered by a quartz movement. The hours, minutes and seconds are read on an analog display, while the dial’s bottom part forms an OLED screen indicating the date, weather and notifications received from the wearer’s smartphone. The Guess Connect is compatible with both iOS and Android and connects to the user’s phone via Bluetooth. It accepts voice commands, providing the user with the ability to read and send text messages, receive incoming calls and displaying social media notifications. Different vibrations can also be selected for each notification, while the latest alerts can be seen with a slight tap of the display’s crystal. Finally, the LED light between 8 and 9 flashes each time it receives a voice command, confirming that the watch has “heard” it. It will be available in a number of versions, both mens’ and ladies’, and in various colors.

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