HP: Elite X3 Phablet

Gadgets / News Articles / 13/04/2016

Another smartphone made its appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this time by HP. The Elite X3 belongs to the phablet category, i.e. a device larger than smartphone but smaller than a tablet. It features a 6-inch display, a dual SIM slot, 64GB of internal storage expandable vie microSD to 200GB, 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 CPU running Windows 10 and a 16MP camera. As the company claims, with the use of a special accessory, the smartphone can be converted into a full Windows 10 PC. This allows the user to connect the Phablet to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. The company also presented the Mobile Extender which transforms the X3 into a laptop, with its own battery, keyboard and 12.5-inch screen. The Elite X3 is expected for official released in early summer.

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