Safe data for billions of years with 5D discs

Gadgets / News Articles / 14/04/2016

Researchers of the Southampton University recently perfected a revolutionary new method for storing data. This technique promises to safely maintain 360TB worth of data for up to 13,8 billion years, by recording it onto microscopic five dimensional discs. This is feasible by engraving the data onto a thermally stable disc using a femtosecond laser. Each file consists of three layers of nanoscale dots, whose sides and orientation, along with their position within conventional 4 dimensions, constitute the five dimensions of each file. The dots essentially alter the polarization of light traveling through the disc. These files can then be read through the use of a microscope and a polarizer. The disc can actually withstand temperatures up to 1.000°C. As regards to the invention, professor and researcher Peter Kazanski stated: “This technology can preserve the last evidence of our culture, ensuring that everything we have learned will not be forgotten.” Scientists involved in the project have already preserved for eternity -among others- the Bible, the Declaration on Human Rights, and Newton’s study of optics.

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